How to get started

  • Log in with your steam account, enter your email and verify your email.
  • Our bot needs your trade link and your inventory has to be public to be able to receive offers from our bot though he doesn't has you in friends. Your link must belong to the account you are using on our site. Otherwise you won't be able to use our service. To enter these information click on your nick and then profile. Now you need to enter your tradelink and can choose a nick for our site.

How to sell

  • Click on sell. When your Inventory has loaded, select the item you want to sell. Afterwards enter the number of cents (€*100) you want to sell it for, see our cut and place it.
  • Our Bot will send you a tradeoffer with a security token that you can also find in the trade. Furthermore we will link you to the right tradeoffer.
  • The tradeoffer has to be accepted within 5 minutes.
  • If you didnt accept it in time just begin with the first step again.
  • Once your item has been purchased you will get your earnings less our fees credited to your account.
  • You then are able to buy other goods or just withdraw your credits.

How to buy

  • Click on CS:GO Skins and then step by step concretize what your are searching for or just use the search field to search what you are looking for.
  • When you finished your shopping just click on the shopping cart in the upper right, check it again and finally checkout.
  • Now you the goods will be locked and are up for a final purchase. You will need to enter the billing methode you want to use and pay the shown amount. After a succesful payment you will get to the right tradeoffer. If you can't receive your goods because for example Steam is under high load just go to orders and re-send the offer later. You will receive all ordered goods in one trade.
  • You can also first go to, get the credit you want to spend and then buy goods you want from your wallet amount.

Direct orders

  • Choose the items you want to buy and put them into your card.
  • Use 'Pay Now' as payment option and click on purchase now.
  • Choose the payment method you want to use for your direct order.
  • Pay the bill and get your items.

What are the fees

  • Fees are normally 10 percent of your sales and at least 1 cent.
  • If you are getting the premium status for 8,99€ per month you will only have 5 percent fees on your sales.
  • There are also applying fees in the withdrawal of money and they depend on your country. They are lower than PayPal fees or any other marketplace's fees that occur for instant withdrawals.

How to resend an order

  • Click on your name in the upper right.
  • Go to the orders section.
  • Use the re-send button.

Are there sale statistics

    Just for commodity items right now. Therefore click on the items name and a statistic about the Steam market and the stonefire market will pop up.

What are buyoffers

  • Buy offers are a way to negotiate prices for items with the seller.
  • You can also make mixed offers with a certain wallet amount and items.
  • We make the trade of the correct items and correct amount of money if a deal comes to an agreement.

How to get your goods back that are on sale

  • Click on your Name and select Inventory
  • Use the withdraw button to get your skins back.
  • We will link you to the tradeoffer again.

How to cashout

  • Click on your Name and select withdraw funds
  • Enter the information needed
  • Get your earnings within the next days